Influx of Crakes in Catalonia

| Carles Oliver
Late March and early April is normally one of the best moments to look for Crakes in Catalonia. Despite the migratory movements of all three species ocurring in the country (Spotted Crake, Little Crake and Baillon’s Crake) start along February and…

Morocco Birding Tour 2019 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Starting Date: 14th March, 2019 Number of participants: 5   Day 1. After arriving to Marrakech from different countries, the tour participants to explore Morocco in 2019 assembled in one hotel in town. Next morning, we had an early breakfast …

Spain Tour 2019

| Carles Oliver
Tour Participants: 5 Dates: From April 15th to April 26th, 2019 Number of species of birds seen: 227   Summary During the tour the temperature ranged from 02ºC to 29ºC. We recorded 7 mammal species, over 227 species of birds and 3 species of …

Oman Birding Tour 2020 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: February 5th to February 14th, 2020 Number of participants: 5 Number of species: 194 All images in the trip report by tour participants Bauke Kortleve & Philippe Marchessou and tour leader Carles Oliver. [caption id=”attachment_1814″ al…

Birding Trip Report. Gàmbia, Desembre del 2019

| Carles Oliver
Dates: Del 8 al 14 de Desembre del 2019 Número de participants: 3 Número d’espècies: 270 Totes les imatges del report són obra del tour leader Sergi Sales Dia 1: Aquest primer dia ens aixequem amb tranquilitat per gaudir d’un abundós esmorzar. És …

Catalonia in winter Birding Tour, 2020 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Number of days: 6 Tour participants: 5 Dates: February 6th to 11th, 2020 All images along the tour by Brian Buffery, Giovanni Grieco and tour leader Carles Oliver. The tour participants to the tour flew into Barcelona prior the tour started. We me…


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