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Field ID: Thekla versus Crested Lark

| Carles Oliver
Larks constitute a Family of birds normally living in open countryside with most of the species related to dry lands, grasslands and semi-arid countryside. Africa is the continent with the higher number of species of Larks, with a wide variety of …

Oman Birding Tour 2020 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: February 5th to February 14th, 2020 Number of participants: 5 Number of species: 194 All images in the trip report by tour participants Bauke Kortleve & Philippe Marchessou and tour leader Carles Oliver. [caption id=»attachment_1814″ al…

Spain Tour 2019

| Carles Oliver
Tour Participants: 5 Dates: From April 15th to April 26th, 2019 Number of species of birds seen: 227   Summary During the tour the temperature ranged from 02ºC to 29ºC. We recorded 7 mammal species, over 227 species of birds and 3 species of …


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