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Tipo de Itinerario: 1 day trips

Pyrenees in winter

Winter is an excellent momment to explore the Pyrenees and other rocky areas around Catalonia. A 80 minutes long drive is enough to arrive to these impressive mountains. Here, we will explore some of the best areas in the country in search of some top specialities and the good variety of birds living...

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Montserrat, the iconic mountain

Montserrat, the bizarre, massive rocky mountain of conglomerate 35 miles West of Barcelona, is also natural park protecting a good variety of Mediterranean wildlife. Its lower slopes, covered by almond and olive groves surrounded by low scrub lands are a wonderful place to spot a wide range of mediterranean...

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Pyrenees in summer

A visit to the Catalan Pyrenees is an excellent day trip from Barcelona. A 80 minutes long drive from the city is enough to arrive to these impressive mountains. In late spring and early summer, a magnificient carpet of flowers covers Pyrenean alpine grasslands from late. It is time to admire an endless...

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Llobregat Delta & Scrublands

Barcelona is a city with a huge variety of birdlife thanks to the many habitats around. Immediatly South of the city there is a wide variety of landscapes that hosts an awesome list of resident and migratory birds. Don’t expect massive wild areas, but small corners, lagoons and marshes with...

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Steppe birds & more

We propose you to explore some of the best steppe lands in Catalonia. This is a land of contrasts with a long variety of landscapes where traditional wheat fields and almond orchards still guarantee a balance with birdlife. Along with this traditional farming we find aromatic scrublands and small...

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