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Field ID: Thekla versus Crested Lark

| Carles Oliver
Larks constitute a Family of birds normally living in open countryside with most of the species related to dry lands, grasslands and semi-arid countryside. Africa is the continent with the higher number of species of Larks, with a wide variety of …

Oman Birding Tour 2021 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: October 26th to November 4th Number of participants: 3 Species seen: 205 In the falll of 2021 it looked like the Covid-19 pandemia was at its end, or at least that it was giving us a well deserved truce. Several countries had rela…

Cape Town 2019 Birding Tour. Trip Report

| indianwebs
Start Date: August 15th, 2019 Number of species seen: 247 Group size: 4 All images by Carles Oliver Day 1. During August 14th the tour participants arrived to Cape Town. The lovely accommodation where we were hosted welcomed them or organised a tr…


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