Catalonia & Aragon Grand Birding Tour, 2014 issue

| Carles Oliver
DATES: 4th to 11th, May 2014 NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 7 costumers (Check Republic) + 2 guides (Carles Oliver & Frantisek Pochmon) SPECIES OF BIRDS: 196 Our 2014 Catalonia & Aragon Grand Tour issue enjoyed a really good weather and a really …

How to find out Sandgrouses?

| Carles Oliver
Sandgrouses are sometimes defined «desert Partridges». However, the enigmatic Pterocles genus is much more than Partridges. All Sandgrouses present incredible specific morphological adaptations to survive in adverse, dry countryside. The most famo…

Gallocanta; the crane spectacular (2014 February tour)

| Carles Oliver
In late February, 2014, Barcelona Birding Point set up a three days long tour to explore the Gallocanta lagoon, at SouthWest of Aragón. The tour reported unforgettable sights on Cranes and a short visit to Los Monegros allowed us to add to our lis…

New birding trip for Owls & Nightjars

| Carles Oliver
From mid-2013 we have implemented a new nocturnal birding trip in Los Monegros renamed steppe land. This trip is 2 to 3 hours long and provides unforgettable views to some very striking nocturnal birds including huge specialities such as Red-necke…

Winter birding break in Ebro Delta

| Carles Oliver
From 13th to 15th January, 2014 we were exploring Ebro Delta with some costumers from Check Republic. It was a really successful tour with great sights to several specialities involving 113 species of birds! Ebro Delta itself was providing great s…

Common Genet photo hide sample

| Carles Oliver
Along all 2013 we have been working in a new photo hide for Common Genet, a poorly known small carnivore living in South Europe and Africa. The hide is place in a mixed forest near Tremp (Catalan Pyrenees) and it is the fruit of several months of …


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