De las Azores a los Balcanes y Chipre

Visió general

Com és ben conegut, la Mediterrània i, per extensió, el Mar Negre, acullen un número molt remarcable d’ocells endèmics. Tant és així que tota aquesta àrea geogràfica està considerada com un dels punts calents de la biodiversitat a nivells mundial. Tot i que bona part dels països que visitarem al llarg del tour són importants destinacions de turisme i vacances, també acullen una fauna abundosa, peculiar i única.

Al llarg del tour explorarem una molt llarga llista d’hàbitats, des dels boscos de laurisilva del ponent de les illes macaronèsiques als ambients estèpics a orilles del Mar Negre; de les màquies altes de garric de Lesbos i Xipre als boscos de pí negre pirinencs, la debesa occidental de l’altiplà espanyol i la varietat increïble de boscos búlgars. Aquesta Epopeia ornitològica ens permetrà gaudir d’un mínim de 300 espèies d’aus, mentre explorem un mínim de 6 nacions europees i 8 illes.

Visitarem, en ordre: Espanya continental; els Pirineus; Mallorca (Illes Balears); les Canàries (Espanya); Madèira i Açores (Portugal); Bulgària; Lesbos (Grècia) i Xipre.

Conscients de la dificultat de unir-se a un tour de quasi 40 dies de llargada, hem decidit dividir el tour en 4 seccions diferents:

Secció 1-  Del 4 al 12 de maig, Espanya i Pirineus. Preu per persona: 2920€ (fins al 14 de maig per aquells que vulguin estendre-ho fins a Mallorca)

Secció 2- Del 14 al 26 de maig, Illes Canàries; Madèira i Açores (Portugal). Prei per persona: 4630€

Secció 3- Del 27 de maig al 3 de juny, Bulgària. Preu per persona: 2980€

Secció 4- Del 4 a l’11 de juny, Lesbos (Grècia) i Xipre. Preu per persona: 3690€


Desplegar pláning

May 4th to 8th, 2023. Days 1 to 5, Extremadura and Central SPAIN. 

Meet and greet in the International Madrid Airport or in a hotel around. After the coordinated arrival of the group we will transfer to South West. During the next five we will explore Extremadura and several hotspots around, looking for the many specialties living there. Even if we will fous on endemics such as Spanish Imperial Eagle, Iberian Grey Shrike, Spanish Magpie and Iberian Green Woodpecker, we will also have time to enjoy several other goodies including White-headed Duck, Bluethroat, Black Vulture, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Great Bustard, Theka Larka and Black Stork to name a few while enjoying the excellent variety of birds of prey and warbler that can include Savi’s, Western Subalpine, Melodious and Moustached to name a few. In our last day we will transfer to Barcelona, with an interesting stop in València to add Marbled Teal and (likely) Western Olivaceous Warbler to our amazing list of birds.

May 9th to 12th, 2023. Days 1 to 4, PYRENEES.

In Barcelona we will do the first pit stop allowing some tour participants to join us or leave us. We will our meet in our accommodation close the International Barcelona Airport to transfer North West, to the Pyrenees. In our way we will fo an early stop to enjoy Little Bustards, European Rollers and other goodies, arriving to the Pyrenees at mid morning to look early in the morning in order to look for Snow Finch. In the afternoon we will keep transfering West with some more birding in the way. During the coming days we will look for Iberian Chiffchaff, Red-necked Nightjar, Dupont’s Lark, Lammergier, Western Capercaillie, Black Wheatear, Spetacled Warbler and White-backed Woodpecker (linfordi) to name just a few remarkable especies. Last day flight to Mallorca and afternoon birding to catch up with the firsts endemics. 

May 13th, 2023. Day 5, MALLORCA

Full day in Mallorca looking for endemics including Balearic Warbler, Mediterranean Flycatcher, Balearic Shearwater. Other goodies to enjoy includes Moltoni’s Warbler, Marbled Teal, Black Vulture, Eleonora’s Falcon, Red-knobbed Coot and the splitable race of Woodchat Shrike.

May 14th, 2023. Day 6, MALLORCA-TENERIFE

Mid morning flight to Teneriffe. Afternoon birding in the island in search of endemic Blue Chaffinch. Canary Island Chiffchaff, Atlantic Finch, and African Blue Tit are all likely while enjoying the local races of Common Chaffinch and Great Spotted Woodpecker. 


Morning birding in Teneriffe looking for more endemics. Bolle’s and Laurel Pigeons will be the main target but we will also look for the racer uncommon Teneriffe Robin and Teneriffe Goldcrest. Plain Swift can appear at any moment while any look to the sea can produce loads of Cory’s Shearwaters. Early afternoon flight to Fuerteventura and birding to sunset in search of the first specialties in this desertic island.

May 16th, 2023. Day 8, FUERTEVENTURA

Full day in Fuerteventura to look for the many goodies living in this beautiful island. We will search for endemics including Fuerteventura Chat, Berthelot’s Pipit expecting to have also good views on other interesting species including Houbara Bastard, Trumpeter Finch, Cream-coloured Courser, Ruddy Shelduck, Spanish Sparrow, Mediterranean Short-toed Lark and Barbary Partridge.


Morning birding in Fuerteventura before catching our short flight to Gran Canaria. Once arrived we will have the full afternoon to explore the hills in search of the very scarce Gran Canaria Chaffinch. 

May 18th, 2023. Day 10, GRAN CANARIA-MADEIRA (FUNCHAL)

After some morning birding we will catch our midday flight to Funchal via Lisbon. Arrival to Funchal expected in late afternoon.

May 19th to 21st, 2023. Days 11 to 13, MADEIRA

During our stay in Maderia we will enjoy three afternoons of offshores. We will search for the long list of species living in these rich waters. Main targets here are Madeiran Storm Petrel, Bulwer’s Petrel, White-bellied Storm Petrel, Barolo Shearwater while Fino’s, Fea’s and even Deserta’s Petrels are all possible. The area is also a really well known spot for cetaceans and, along with the many seabirds, we will also enjoy Sperm Whales and some species of Dolphins. During the mornings we will look for Trocaz Pigeons & Madeiran Kinglet. Plain Swifts are very likely.

May 22nd, 2023. Day 14, MADEIRA-AZORES

Flight to Ponta Delgada. Arrival expected in afternoon.

May 23rd, 2023. Day 15, AZORES

Full day birding in search of the very shy and scarce Azorean Bullfinch. Atlantic Finch and Plain Swift are both very likely during our day exploring the islands. We will also pair attention in Common Chaffinch and Woodpigeon local races.

May 24th, 2023. Day 16, AZORES-GRACIOSA

Flight Ponta Delgada/Graciosa

May 25th, 2023. Day 17, GRACIOSA

Morning of birding around the accommodation. In the afternoon we will enjoy another offshore, this time to search for the endemic Monteiro’s Storm Petrel. Zino’s and Deserta’s Petrels are both likely.

May 26th, 2023. Day 18, GRACIOSA-LISBON

Flight day between Graciosa and Lisbon. Our arrival into Lisbon  is expected in the late afternoon. Overnight around the Lisbon Airport. Free evening to explore the city.

May 27th, 2023. Day 19, LISBON-SOFIA

Early morning flight Lisbon to Sofia via Amsterdam. Arrival to Sofia in early afternoon. During the afternoon we will look for Lesser Spotted Eagle, Syrian and Grey-headed Woodpeckers around the city. Barred and Icterine Warbler are also possible.

May 28th to June 2nd, 2023. Days 20 to 25, BULGARIA

During our time in Bulgaria we will search for a long list of species living in this extremely interesting country. Along with top specialities including Semi-collared Flycatcher, Rock Partridge, Rose-coloured Starling, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Paddyfield Warbler, Levant Sparrowhawk, Pied Wheatear, Thrush Nightingale, Barred Warbler or Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler, our itinerary will allow provide us with good chances for many other goodies including Corncrake, Black-headed Bunting, Isabelline Wheatear, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Ortolan Bunting, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Dalmatian Pelican and Long-legged Buzzard to name a few. We will also enjoy a good variety of Woodpecker such as Middle Spotted, White-backed linfordi), Grey-headed and Syrian. We will be late for migration, but we hope to catch up with some Broad-billed Sandpipers moving North to their nesting grounds.

June 3rd, 2023. Day 26, SOFIA-ATHENS

Mid morning flight to Athens. Overnight around the airport. If time allows we will pick up Sombre Tit and Eastern Orphean Warbler in the Acropolys itself!

June 4th, 2023. Day 27, LESBOS

Early morning flight from Athens to Lesbos. We will have almost a full day in the island to start looking for the specialities living there: Cinereous & Cretzschmar’s Buntings & Rock Nuthatch. Eastern Subalpine Warbler is also very likely.

June 5th & 6th, Days 28 & 29, LESBOS

Two full days to make sure that we catch up with all the specialities living in the island. We will also check some interesting wetlands and corners for bird migration. We will look for Krüpper’s Nuthatch, Cretzschmar’s Bunting. The variety of Warblers is great and we will have good chances for Eastern Orphean, Olive-tree, Eastern Olivaceous, Rüppell’s and Eastern Subalpine. This incredible island is also famous because of the raptors living here, and we will also make an effort to contact with the very scarce Bonelli’s Eagle.

June 7th. Day 30, LESBOS-CYPRUS

Morning direct flight from Lesbos to Cyprus. Afternoon birding in Cyprus, probably having already Cyprus Wheatear.

June 8th to 10th. Days 31 to 33, CYPRUS

3 full days in Cyprus. We will look for the endemic Cyprus Wheatear, Cyprus Warbler and Cyprus Scops Owl. Here we will still look for the many species of Warblers nesting in the bushlands and woodlands with Eastern Subalpine Warbler being the most common. We will also pair special attention to the local Short-toed Treecreeper and Coal Tit, both being splitable races.

June 11th. Day 34, END OF TOUR

The tour ends after breakfast. Our guide will return to Barcelona. 

Información adicional

Desplegar información adicional


38 nits d’allotjament en habitació doble; esmorzars, dinars i sopars al llarg de tot el recorregut; guiatge; tots els vols al llarg del recorregut; transport en vehicles amb aire condicionat; sortides en vaixell per observar aus marines; guies locals a on siguin necessaris; entrades a zones naturals quan sigui necessari i assegurança de viatge. Tots els preus inclouen IVA.


Vols al començament i al final del viatge; begudes més enllà d’aigua; totes les menges i begudes en aeroports o avions al llarg del tour; qualsevol altre ítem no llistada a l’apartat «INCLÒS».


Tot el tour (39 days); comença a Madrid (o Barcelona per només la zona del Pirineus) i acaba a Xipre.

Secció 1: Comença a Madrid, termina a Barcelona.

Secció 2: Comença a Barcelona, termina a  Lisboa.

Secció 3: Comença a Sofia, termina a Sofia.

Secció 4: Comença a Lesbos (Grècia), termina a Xipre.

Estarem encantats de recollir els participants als seus allotjaments a prop dels aeroports internacionals que hi ha al començament de cada secció. La recollida serà a les 6:30. Recomanem a tots els participants arribar a la seva ciutat de sortida el dia abans de que comenci la seva secció.


Al llarg del tour ens allotjarem en una llarga llista d’hotals, cases rurals i birding lodges. Tots de qualitat mitjana. Fora d’unes poques nits, tots els sopars es faran als allotjaments.

El menjar al llarg de tot l’itinerari és excel·lent. Combinarem alguns exemples d’excel·lent cuina local amb vins locals i, a Bulgària, també cerveses.


Tots els països al llarg de l’itinerari són membres de la Unió Europea i signats del Tractat de Schengen, el que preveu la pràctica desaparició de les fronteres internes per a tots els ciutadans europeus. No és necessària cap vacuna específica per accedir a cap dels països al llarg del tour. Recomanem consultar les autoritats sanitàries pertinents per tal de rebre informació detallada i actualitzada sobre precaucions i requisits sanitaris.

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Del 3 de Mayo al 11 de Junio, 2023

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3 de Mayo /
11 de Junio, 2023


39 días / 38 noches

Tamaño de grupo:

10 clientes + 1 tour líders


Madrid o Barcelona/ Chipre

Tour Leader:

Carles Oliver i Sergi Sales

Tarifas de grupo:

podeis consultar descuentos por grupos vía mail

precio en habitación doble (dos camas). IVA incluido
  • Guión de codornices

  • Curruca de Rüppell

  • Pico dorsiblanco

  • Rabilargo

  • Estornino rosado

  • Paíño de Madeira

  • Collalba pía

  • Ganga ibérica

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