Morocco Birding Tour 2019 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Starting Date: 14th March, 2019 Number of participants: 5   Day 1. After arriving to Marrakech from different countries, the tour participants to explore Morocco in 2019 assembled in one hotel in town. Next morning, we had an early breakfast …

Influx of Crakes (genus Porzana) in Catalonia

| Carles Oliver
Late March and early April is normally one of the best moments to look for Crakes in Catalonia. Despite the migratory movements of all three species ocurring in the country (Spotted Crake, Little Crake and Baillon’s Crake) start along February and…

Finland & Finnmark Birding Tour 2018 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: 11th June to 20th June, 2018 Tour participants: 4   Day 1. As usual in this tour, all participants assembled at Helsinki Airport for an afternoon flight to Ivalo. After a quiet flight we landed in Ivalo, deep inside Arctic Finland late…

Oman Birding Tour 2019 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: 29th January to 7th February, 2019 Tour participants: 5 Seen bird species: 210 Tour Leaders: Sergi Sales & Carles Oliver After an afternoon flight we arrived to Oman beyond midnight. Passport controls were fast and we arrived to our hot…

The Gambia Tour January 2019 Trip Report

| Carles Oliver
Dates: 15th to 22nd January, 2019 Tour participants: 7 Seen bird species: 243 Day 1. We wake up on 16th January at our accommodation by the Gambian coastline. We just arrived the day before in an evening flight from Barcelona, where the tour parti…

Maghreb Magpie split from Eurasian Magpie

| Carles Oliver
The population of Magpie living in North Africa and commonly known as Moroccan Magpie has finally been split from Eurasian Magpie (Pica pica) under the name of Maghreb Magpie (Pica mauretanica). Range of the «new» species comprises Morocco, Algeri…


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