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Cyprus, the birding island

In the same way that Minoan culture flosished in the Eastern Mediterranean islands thanks to a intense contact with the African civilizations along the Nile River, every year billions of birds use this land as a natural stopover when migrating from Africa to Europe and way back.

This ancient land, with strong links with both continental Greece and Crete, is a natural corridor for bird migration in their route to their nesting grounds in Eastern Europe and European Russia, and conforms along with the Levant Mediterranean the most interesting area for bird migration in Europe.

Along the last millenials, this island have seen passing a long list of civilizations including Minoan, Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Bizantine, Arabian, Venetian and Ottoman to name some of the main ones. All of them had to adapt to this unique terrain or especifically evolved here. In the same way, the island is home to some endemic birds that, even if closely related to similar species living in the same geographically area, have successfully adapted to the unique landscapes and conditions in Cyprus.

Despite the dramatic events that ended with the partition of the island into two sides during the second half of the XXth century, Cyprus keeps being as peaceful and welcoming as ever. The inclusion of the Southern half (Republic of Cyprus) into the European Union and the significant presence of British troops guarantee the status quo while waiting for a definitive solution to this conflict.

This relaxed tour concentrates in the Southern part of the island, where a number of salty & freshwater lagoons, forested valleys and bushed capes allow a formidable concentration of birds in migration. Main targets for us will be to connect with the endemic species and some interesting races, and to enjoy to good variety of waders, passerines and birds of prey in their way South.


Desplegar pláning
Day 0. Arrival to Larnaca during the afternoon or evening. You can chose to stay around the airport or to be transfered to our accommodation for a welcome dinner (this first overnight is not included in the price).
Day 1. Limassol Salt Lake, Phassowi Reedbed & Lady’s Mile.
The large Akrotiri Lake hosts large amounts of wadrs, terns and migratory passerines. Here it is possible to have a great array of migratory waders that may include Broad-billed Sandpiper, Red-necked Phalarope, Collared Pratincoles (always an eye out in search of Black-winged Pratincoles), Temminck’s Stints and, if lucky, some Greater Sand Plovers. Here we will also have a first chance for Cyprus Warblers and Cyprus Wheatears, two of the endemics living in the island. Isabelline Wheatear is also possible here. Along the day we will also visit Phassowi Reedbed, a great corner for Crakes and similars in their way to Africa.
Day 2. Larnaca Salt Lake / Cape Kiti
Larnaca Salt Lark is especially noted for waders. Here we will have new chances for Broad-billed Sandpipers but also for Marsh Sandpipers and Kentish Plovers while the large flocks of gulls can easily produce Palla’s Gulls and, if very lucky, Armenian Gulls.
Some smalls ponds around can see flocks of Yellow Wagtails arrive and, among them, Citrine Wagtails and Red-throated Pipits.
We will spend the afternoon at Cape Kiti, a good place to search not only Cyprus Warblers but also Black Francolin, Masked Shrike, Cretzschmar’s & Black-headed Buntings. This is also a good place to see raptor migration and eventually some Eastern Subalpine & Eastern Orphean Warblers should appear. During the evening, new chance to enjoy Cyprus Scops Owl, another endemic of the island!
Day 3. Cape Depranum / Paphos Forest
Early morning visit to Cape Depranum, an excellent corner to enjoy Chukar, Black Francolin, Cyprus Wheatear, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Eleonora’s Falcon, Bonelli’s Eagle and also a magnet for migratory passerines that can include Thrush Nightingale, Icterine Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Red-breasted Flycatcher or Barred Warbler. Besides, we will pair attention to the Short-toed Treecreeper local race.  This distinguishable, splitable race can easily become a new endemic of the island!
This is also one of the places where to search for the few Eurasian Griffons left in Cyprus, and a well-known winter location for Wallcreeper. Just saying.
Days 4 & 5. Limassol Salt Lake & Polis Reedbeds.
These two days will be devoted to explore the Akrotiri area, where a number of ponds, lagoons and scrublands provide wonderful birding opportunities. In the lucky we will pair attention to the Slender-billed Gulls while Greater Sand Plovers can be just arrived but we will be especially keen to find some of the few Demoiselle Cranes. The area is a well known stoppover for them during the fall migration.
The scrublands and fields around should provide us with chances for a long array of species including European Roller, Greater Short-toed Lark, Red-footed Falcon, Tawny Pipit, Ortolan Bunting and Barred Warbler, Eastern Black-eared & Pied Wheatears  and Stone Curlew. Here Long-legged & Honey Buzzards are common in migration.
Depending on the water level, the many ponds around are an excellent place where to look for Savi’s Warblers but also for Little Bitterns, Crakes (commoner is spring) and Marsh Sandpipers.
Day 6. Flight back.
A rather open day to enjoy our last birding in the island before catching up with our plane. Plane expected to be in the early afternoon.

Información adicional

Desplegar información adicional

VAT included in all prices.


5 nights accommodation in double rooms; flights Barcelona/Larnaca/Barcelona; breakfasts, lunches and dinners; ornithological guides; transportation along the route; entrances to natural parks and places of interest and travel insurance.


Transport to/from Barcelona, ​​drinks except water, meals and drinks at airports, any other item not listed in the “INCLUDED” section


1 single accommodation along the route. We will enjoy accommodation with a decidedly local spirit, a hotel in a privileged location and a fabulous sparrow right around this enclave. All dinners at the accommodation.


You can expect between 22ºC and 27ºC, with particularly sunny weather but also with the possibility of cloudy days and scattered showers. It is important to bring insect repellant to protect yourself from the abundant mosquitoes.

Cyprus is part of the European Union and is a signatory to the Schengen treaty. Therefore, no passport is required for any EU citizen.

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