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13th to 20th - Gambia, where Africa meet the Thropic. Enjoy the amazing variety of birds during winter time in the The Gambia. Turacos, Barbets, Hornbills and up to 250 species!!

Price: 2300€ pp                  VACANCIES

15th to 20th - Pyrenees & Cranes. Wallcreeper, Lammergeier, Alpine Accentor & steppe birds such as Dupont's Lark just when Crane migration is in its peak! 
Price: 750pp                  VACANCIES

13th to 22nd - Morocco. From the Atlas to the Sahara. 10 days to discover the Moroccan amazing birdlife, landscapes & culture. Read more

Price: 1700€ pp               VACANCIES

8th to 12th - Czech Republic, Bohemian Forests. Enjoy the huge variety of woodpeckers (including tree-toed & white-backed) as well as grouses and owls!! +info

PRICE: 1.100€                    VACANCIES

20th to 30th - Morocco. From the Atlas to the Sahara. 10 days to discover the Moroccan rich wildlife, landscapes & culture. Read more

Price: 1700€ pp                VERY LAST VACANCIES 


5th to 12th - Catalonia & Aragó Grand Tour. The most complete birding tour in the region enjoying from high mountain to the semi-desert and the huge Ebro Delta. Over 210! Read more

Price: 1200€ pp                     NO VACANCIES

7th to 12th - Spain in Spring. Discover all main Iberian endemics in this exploring the famous ever-green open forests in  Central Spain.

Price: 980€ pp                     NO VACANCIES

17th to 21th - Pyrenees; birding & butterflies. Enjoy one of best places for raptors in Europe: Lammergeier, Cinereous & Egyptian Vultures are all common! Apollo, Scarce Swallotail or Lesser Purple Emperor are among the 60 sps of butterflies to be seen!

Price: 800€ pp                 VACANCIES

4th to 11th - Pyrenees & Ebro Delta bird migration Tour. Eight Days to enjoy the raptor migration across the Pyrenees and, especially, the huge Ebro Delta and its endless variety of birdlife!

Price: 1350€                        VACANCIES

5th to 23rd - Ethiopia, the roof of Africa. An amazing birding adventure to look for the Ethiopian endemics and to enjoy the huge African birdlife! more info

Price: 3550€                     VACANCIES

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