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Tours per country Gambia, gate to Thropical Africa

The Gambia

The Gambia has become one of the most popular birding destinations in Africa. Its small size and relatively good infrastructures do possible an excellent birding in a short and easy trip.

The Gambia has a really good range of habitats hosting a long list of key species. In this trip we will try to have over 250 species of birds, always focused in those Thropical families such as Barbets, Turacos,  Sunbirds, Rollers and the huge variety of small birds living there. Key species will include Violet Turaco (image right), Egyptian Plover, Bearded Barbet, Green Turaco or African Blue Flycatcher.


Day 1. The group will assemble during the afternoon at Barcelona Airport, having enough time for the people to arrive from different countries. From here we will flight to Banjul (BCN-Banjul-BCN flight included in the price). Arrival in late evening to Banjul and transfer to our hotel. In Banjul we will assemble with those clients arriving by their own to The Gambia.

Day 2. Morning birding in our ground hotels. The area is famous for the variety and quality of its birdlife. Here we expect to see Bearded Barbet, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, African Pied Hornbill, Lesser Honeyguide, African Harrier-Hawk, Blackcap Babbler or Yellow-crowned Gonolek (image right) among several other species. That morning we will probably approach 100 species in our list!

In the afternoon short transfer to the shore line around. Here we will check for Caspian & Lesser Crested Terns, Kept Gulls, Slender-billed Gulls, White-fronter Plover or Four-banded Sandgrouse among many species of waders & egrets.

Day 3. Kartong Mining area. These old sand ponds are surprisingly rich in birdlide. The area attracks several overwintering birds such as Little & Baillon's Crake or Great Snipe. African Painted Snipe, Western Reef Egret (image right), Malachite Kingfisher, African Pygmy Goose and Allen's Gallinule are also to be found in the pools. Around them the dense coastal scrub host other interesting birds including Yellow-breasted Apalis, Little Greenbul, Double-spurred Francolin, Splendid & Pygmy Sunbirds, Bush Petronia, Zebra Waxbill, Green Crombec or Red-faced Cisticola.

Days 4 & 5. During these two days we will explore a bit inland Gambia. Mangroves, savannah ambients and semi-arid countryside are some of the habitats we will explore.

Here the variety of birdlife is awesome. Key species will include African Darter, Palm-nut Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, Beaudouin's Snake Eagle, Bateleur, African Scops Owl, Namaqua Dove, Woodland Kingfisher, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Abyssian Ground Hornbill, Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Chestnut-backed Sparrow Lark, White-crowned Robin Chat, Blue-bellied Roller or African Blue Flycatcher. We will also look for one of the goodies of the trip; the amazing Egyptian Plover (image up right).

Day 6. We will spend most of the day in Abuko Natural Reserve. Here we can still find some good examples of gallery forest along with semi-arid landscapes. Oriole Warbler, Green Turaco, Spotted Honeyguide, Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Green Hylia, Bruce's Green Pigeon, Common Wattled-eye or Western Bluebill are some of the main targets in the area.

Day 7. Back in the coast, we will explore some forested areas not far from our accommodation. Here we will increase the number of species by adding Copper & Scarler-chested Sunbirds, Red-winged Warbler, Yellow-throated Leaflove, Bar-breasted Firefinch, Northern White-faced Owl, Brown necked Parrot, African Hobby, Red-checked Cordon-bleu (image right), Long-tailed Nightjar, Broad-billed Roller, White-shouldered Black Tit and Senegal Batis among other.

Day 8. Morning birding in our hotel grounds, where we will still look for some last-minute species and enjoy the amazing number of vultures coming to feed in. Hooded, White-headed,, African White-backed and Rüppell's Vultures are all likely yo come.

In the early afternoon trasnfer to Banjul airport where we will take our plane back to Barcelona we will arrive to Barcelona by midnight. All clients requesting it will have an extra night paid night in Barcelona Airport hotels with no extra surcharge.


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 Desember 5th to 12,

Tour Lenght
 8 days, 8 nights 

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 7 clients + 1 tour leader

 Barcelona (meeting in Bajul
if flying your own)

Tour leader
Sergi Sales or Carles Oliver

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