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Photo Hide

Photo Hides


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We offer you professional photo hides to get exclusive images of the most iconic birdlife living in the Pyrenees. All our hides are to be found up to three hours of car from Barcelona International Airport.

Morning, afternoon and all-day photo sessions to maximise your time. Accommodation, transportation and guiding for mammal & landscape photography can be arranged, if requested in advance.

We offer hides the whole year with a variety of species, from Lammergeier to Hoopoe.

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Take a look to these specific proposes visiting our best hides!

Here we propose you some short photo trips combining our best hides. 2, 3 days long photo breaks providing an excellent experience both to professional and amateur photographers. Contact us for costumized options.

2-Days Sandgrouses & Steppes


3-Dies Steppes + Lammergeier


1 or 2 Days Vultures