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Pyrenees in Winter

Guided Birding near Barcelona. A day trip in winter is the best way to spot some high mountain living birds that, except for keen hikers, are difficult to approach during summer. Thus winter is the best time to discover them.

During this itinerary we would expect to find Bearded Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle and Alpine Chough. Passerines living at high altitudes which inhabit areas high-up in the mountains would be our specific targets: the highly nomadic Snow Finch (right), the chunky Alpine Accentor (centre), Citril Finch and the butterfly-like Wallcreeper (below) along with Dipper, Ring Ouzel, Black Woodpecker, Rock Bunting and Short-toed Treecreeper.

Winter Seasonal Highlights in Pyrenees in Winter

  • Autumn: Big flocks of raptors and passerines are passing through on their way to Southern winter grounds. Ring Ouzel and Redwings are among the most common.
  • Winter: Small Snow Finch flocks and large (up to 150) Alpine Chough flocks. Large flocks of tits and other forest birds moving in the canopies.
  • Winter: The four "major" high mountain passerines winter here: Snow Fnch, Wallcreeper, Citrin Finch and Alpine Accentor



KEY SPECIES________________

Griffon Vulture, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Black Woodpecker, Alpine Accentor (central image), Wallcreeper, Common Crossbill, Ring Ouzel, Red-billed Chough, Alpine Chough, Snow Finch (upper image), Citril Finch, Rock Bunting, Cirl Bunting, Crested Tit, Firecrest... The availability of the different species changes along the winter.

Barcelona Birding Point also offers you other possibilities to have an incredible birding experience in winter. Little Bustard, Sandgrouses and larks large winter flocks or visit Ebro Delta and get unforgettable sights of the awesome variety of ducks, shorebirds and passerines wintering in it. Check out our itineraries and discover a world of possibilities!!!


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+ Pyrenees

Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius) keeps expanding in Catalonia! New territories to be found less than 40 miles from Barcelona

Last update June 9th