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About Us

About Us

Barcelona Birding Point is a birding travel agency created with the aim of providing quality guided birding and wildlife tours from our base in Barcelona. On our website you will find a wide range of tours which cover the most outstanding birding areas in Catalonia and neightbouring regions. Our tours will lead you throught some of the best birding locations in Spain where you can enjoy great views of the most sought after species along with stunning scenery in areas of great natural beauty.

We aim to provide our costumers with the best birding experience possible while at the same time playing an active role in wildlife preservation. We are actutely aware that many areas of great interest from the point of view of wildlife preservation receive little or no official protection. Areas of cereal-steppes is a clear example, where there is often little local or government concern regarding their preservation. We actively work with local communities to promote rural development which minimises impact to these sensitive areas while at the same time helping to raise awaraness of the importance of species and habitat conservation. 

What can you expect from a Barcelona Birding Point birding holiday?

  • A relaxing experience which will be fun, friendly and have a sense of purpose and discovery.
  • We aim to choose locations that are rich in both birds and other wildlife.
  • Although we always start the day with a clear plan, we may stop to take in sights of any interesting fauna or flora we come accross on the way. 
  • This might include reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies and orchids amongst other things.
  • If you are a keen photographer you can rest assured that there will be time to take photos of creatures and landscapes we discover.

OUR TEAM________________________________________________________________

Carles Oliver

Carles is a ten years experienced birding guide in Catalonia, Spain, Morocco and other European and African countries. He coursed Geography from the University of Barcelona and studied Fauna & Flora Management at the University of Cádiz. Since 1998 he has been involved in numerous studies of Catalan birdlife, especially raptor migration (1998-2008) and Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring in both the Pyrenees and Llobregat Delta (coordinated in Catalonia by Catalan Institute of Ornithology). In 2010 he founded Barcelona Birding Point.

"Birds have always fascinated and delighted me since childhood and I count myself extremely lucky to have been able to make them my career since I decided to give up the day job and make my living as a birding tour leader. I'm glad to share my passion about birds and all nature with new people and most of them become friends at the end of our birding time together."


Sergi Sales

Professional birdwatcher for over 20 years. Sergi is Agronomist amd Environmental Advisory. During many years was in charge of the ringing campaigns in different natural parks in Catalonia, including Ebro Delta. Nowadays is mainly studying steppe birds and bird communities related to wetlands. Former member of both Spanish & Catalan Rarities Commitees. Taking part in birdraces along with official Swarovsky Rarebirdspain Birdracing team.

"Every day I'm more satisfied of living my biggest dream, to live my passion on birds as my profession. After these years I'm still enjoying every single minute I spend as a field birdwatcher"


Ivan Almirall Costa

Ivan is a graduate in Forest and Wildlife Management. Since 1999 he has been seasonally working as a Wildlife Ranger and been involved in several projects related to mamma' preservation. This experience has made him passionate about nature and an expert in the biology and behaviour of mammals and raptors living in the Pyrenees and other parts of the country.

"I believe that my passion for wildlife (all the hours of observation, census and tracking, sometimes in the rain, snow or cold) would not be complete if I could not share my experience with all others. To explore the wild requires all five senses as any moment can yield an unforgettable sight."

YOUR BIRDING OPTIONS__________________________________________________

With its open bussiness philosophy, colourful street life and great cultural and architectural heritage, Barcelona is a prime destination for millions of people. However, the city has also an important natural heritage nearby and is one of the few large European cities offering a variety of ecosystems which are easily reached in two hours by car. These include high mountain grasslands, never-ending pine woods, large coastal wetlands, extensive steppe-like plains, mature deciduous forests and dense, low garriga srcubs.

We offer a wide selection of tours which will allow you to explore all of these areas. In our BIRDING BARCELONA section you will find a variety of tailor-made routes, from half day to four days long trips, to explore the most important birding hot-spots in Catalonia and the Western neightbouring region of Aragon.

Scheduled TOURS are also available. These are the perfect for all those seeking good sights of all key species while sharing with other birdwatchers. Pyrenees, Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic & Ethiopia are some of the options, so far!

Exclusive, tailor-made birding trips, one to twenty days can be easily arranged for those who cannot wait for any of our scheduled trips!

At sunset (and often also at midday) you will stay in rural accommodation situated in small, quiet villages. Good rest is essential for better birding the following morning and so is fine food. We do our best to ensure that the accommodation we choose for our costumers offers traditional home-made cuisine using local products.


Barcelona Birding Point is listed with number GC-004696 as travel agency by Catalan Government