Winter birding weekend in Ebro Delta

| Carles Oliver
Sunday Desember, 4th, 2011. We arrive early in the morning to the main Delta lagoon, l’Encanyissada. It has been a one an a half long way by motorway from Barcelona. The landscape is calm and quite. Many different twits come to us from the reedbed…

New species in winter time in Ebro Delta

| Carles Oliver
Due to climate change or to local features it is a reality that every time more species of birds, formerly though as a summer visitors, are spending winter time in some areas of South Europe. I have been absolutely surprised by the view of a Yello…

White-headed Duck in Ebro Delta

| Carles Oliver
White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala) is a local and rare duck species that lives in deep pools and lakes in Central and South Spain, Morocco, Tunis and Turkey. It is a diving duck living shallow lakes. It is a resident to short range migratory …

60.000 finches to be captured in Catalonia

| Carles Oliver
The Catalan Government has approved a new edict that is allowing to hunt over 60.000 finches in Catalonia next winter. All green associations in the country have protested against this crazy law but was approved in the Parliament by the three main…

Wallcreeper, 10 Alpine Accentor, 2 Lammergeier, 5 Citril Finch & more in Pyrenees in Winter Itinerary

| Carles Oliver
BarcelonaBirdingPoint: It has been a great start this autumn season. On Sunday November 13 th, we set up the season with two costumers from Norway. We went to Pyrenees and we all had a great day of nature and birds. [caption id=»attachment_119″ al…

9 Eleonora’s Falcon recorded in Barcelona

| Carles Oliver
Eleonora’s Falcon is one of the less known raptors in Europe. During breeding season they live in coastal cliffs in Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. In winter this slight falcon is moving to Madagascar in a long trip across Africa and not so mu…


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