The Very Best of Barcelona Birding Point 2013 Birding Trips

| Carles Oliver
2013 has left and thus it is time to look forward and do a list of what was of interest this year. This is the very best of our 2013 birding trip! Do you recognise yours?? March Over 200 species in our ten-days long tour through Morocco.  Our Marc…

2013 most wanted bird specialities

| Carles Oliver
Barcelona Birding Point ends 2013 after scored 62 bird trips from Barcelona. It has been an exciting year full of interesting sights that we will endow you in a coming post. At the end of the year it is time to list what have been the most request…

Barcelona Birding Point provides wildlife guidance for Canon D70 worldwide campaign

| Carles Oliver
During April and May, 2013, Barcelona Birding Point’s team worked in the shoot for the new Canon 70D as wildlife guides as well as providing with photo hides to capture professional images of wildlife. Our help was also required to locate scenerie…

Rüppell’s Vulture recorded in Catalan Pyrenees

| Carles Oliver
One adult Rüppell’s Vulture (Gyps rueppelli) was recorded in Serra del Boumort during one of Barcelona Birding Point birding tours through Catalan Pyrenees. It was on 16th June, 12:35 am in an outdoor scanning of the massive cliffs and gorges besi…

Climate debt; is European wildlife living in its prime habitat?

| Carles Oliver
A recent paper published by Nature Climate Change points out the relation between climate change and range variations in several species of birds and butterflies. It was already known that climate change was affecting distribution parameters in ma…

2012 Ebro Basin in Winter Tour

| Carles Oliver
This is the report Barcelona Birding Point’s Ebro Basin in Winter Tour (2012 edition) which started in December, 10th and ended in December, 16th. During the tour we spot 158 species of birds despite two windy/rainy days. [caption id=»attachment_3…


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